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01 "Opening Titles: James Bond Is Back/From Russia with Love/James Bond Theme" (different arrangement from that heard in the film)

02 "Tania Meets Klebb"

03 "Meeting in St. Sophia"

04 "The Golden Horn"

05 "Girl Trouble"

06 "Bond Meets Tania"

07 "007"

08 "Gypsy Camp"

09 "Death of Grant"

10 "From Russia with Love" – Matt Monro

11 "Spectre Island"

12 "Guitar Lament"

13 "Man Overboard/SMERSH in Action"

14 "James Bond with Bongos"

15 "Stalking"

16 "Leila Dances"

17 "Death of Kerim"

18 "007 Takes the Lektor"