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01 "Thunderball (Main Title)" – Tom Jones


02 "Chateau Flight"


03 "The Spa"


04 "Switching the Body"


05 "The Bomb"


06 "Cafe Martinique"

07 "Thunderball (Instrumental)"

08 "Death of Fiona"

09 "Bond Below Disco Volante"

10 "Search for Vulcan"

11 "007"

12 "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"

13 "Gunbarrel/Traction Table/Gassing the Plane/Car Chase"

14 "Bond Meets Domino /Shark Tank/Lights out for Paula/For King and Country"

15 "Street Chase"

16 "Finding the Plane/Underwater Ballet/Bond with SPECTRE Frogmen/Leiter to the Rescue/Bond Joins Underwater Battle"

17 "Underwater Mayhem/Death of Largo/End Titles"

18 "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Mono Version)"